Safety Information & InstructionArborBike equipment is built for safety. The bikes are made from high quality, solid components, meaning that each ArborBike comes in at over 40 pounds. ArborBikes only have three speeds; they are meant for easy climbing and low velocity. The bikes also feature wide, durable tires made from Kevlar materials. ArborBikes are also designed for visibility. The frame construction encourages upright riding, which makes the rider more visible than with other types of bikes. In addition, pedaling an ArborBike automatically activates the built-in lights on the front and back of the bike. The front white LED flashes like common bike lights. The red rear LED complements the rear reflector for maximum rear visibility.    The design of the bike lends itself to practical utility. Quick, adjustable seats allow for safe and comfortable riding for riders of varying heights. Front baskets are stable, deep, and can each hold up to 20 pounds, enabling users to safely transport their cargo without extra equipment.  External Safety ResourcesThe League of Michigan Bicyclists is a non-profit statewide organization that works to improve bicycling conditions in Michigan. Their publication What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know is a comprehensive resource for bicycling in the entire state, but it applies very effectively to Ann Arbor.- What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know The City of Ann Arbor spends considerable resources on transportation safety, especially for non-motorized users. Interested parties should visit the following web pages for more information:- Pedestrian Safety and Access Task Force- Bicycling in Ann Arbor- Bike Walk Ride The University of Michigan also promotes non-motorized transportation on campus, and the following web page and Bike Safety Guide (PDF) serve as valuable resources for campus cyclists:- Biking on Campus- Bike Safety Guide (PDF)  How to Use ArborBikeThe decal below, which will be located on each ArborBike's handlebar assembly, outlines three important components of safe riding. Practice these tips to be safe, conscientious, and predictable!  To use ArborBike, either swipe your membership card at a dock (annual members), or swipe your credit card at the kiosk (see the About page for instructions on purchasing a membership). After swiping your membership or credit card, pull your ArborBike from its dock. Before riding, check the tires, brakes, and seat height. Once comfortable, plan your route and ride. When you reach your destination, dismount and guide the ArborBike into an empty dock. Be sure the light shows that you've successfully returned the bike! 

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