Periodization For Peak Performance

There is a whole lot to be picked up from sporting activities and also particularly top athletes that can be applied elsewhere in life. One of these aspects is periodization.

Before I enter into how periodization can be related to non-physical/non-athletic objectives I require to develop what periodization is, simply hang in there … I’ll link all this together at the end.

Primarily, periodization is an orderly strategy to training as well as competitors that entails dynamic biking of different facets of a training program during a specific period of time. It is a method of rotating training to have the professional athlete peak at competition.

Included in periodization are the 4 key training elements. The training factors pyramid is:

Layer 1 (base of the pyramid) – Physical Prep work (general).
Layer 2 – Technical Preparation (certain).
Layer 3 – Tactical Prep work (really particular).
Layer 4 (top of the pyramid) – Mental Prep work (mindset).
Layer 1 – Physical Prep work: This phase is made use of for basic conditioning and also getting the athlete all set for the following phase. Depending on the physical condition of the professional athlete this stage can be brief, or quite long. The secret right here is the professional athlete moves on to Layer 2.

Layer 2 – Technical Prep work: During this phase physical strength and conditioning drills as well as workout are presented that have direct transfer to the particular sport. There is a solid crossover effect from the drills to the desired sport particular action. An example would be maneuvering drills for a football player. Consider this … would certainly a swimmer demand to footwork drills … no! So the technical preparation is toughness as well as conditioning drills and workouts that will straight enhance the professional athlete performance. Then on to Layer 3.

Layer 3 – Tactical Prep work: These a sporting activity particular drills for the unique to not just the sport, but the duty of the athlete. Again back to football, a lineman does not need to boost his 100 backyard speed, so he wouldn’t do 100 yard sprints (at least not for setting details applications). One more instance, a marathon running would certainly educate by doing a 40 yard dashboard.

Layer 4 – Psychological Preparation – Although this goes to the top of the pyramid attitude needs to be incorporated into every stage. When mindset is attended to on top is when visualization as well as relaxation strategies enter play, to call just 2.

ALRIGHT … so exactly how does all this apply to you if you’re not a professional athlete?

Fantastic inquiry!

The majority of people remain way also lengthy and commonly never got out of Layer 1 – basic conditioning.

What does this imply?

Allow’s say you’re a salesman. This Layer (1) may be positive attitude. Hey, I recommend PMA … the extra the better. But if an individual stays with general PMA too long they’ll never “tweak” themselves as well as reach their objective.

Layer 2 or the tactical prep work is where you start to tweak your skill. Back to the salesman, right here they would take sales training program; review publications that would certainly help them boost their overall sales capability.

In Layer 3 (technical preparation) the sales representative would certainly learn every little thing he/she can regarding their items, customers, competition etc.

And also in Layer 4 they would certainly practice “seeing” the sale call going efficiently as well as successfully.

OK, I can hear you claiming, “Certain this makes good sense however I’m not in sales, just how does this work for me?”.

By looking at what you wish to complete you require to pick “training and also conditioning” that relocates you from one layer to the next. The majority of people on a self-development trip will certainly start with Layer 1 (PMA). However to transfer to the Layer 2 as well as upward selects NECESSITY be made as to what supports and also what does not sustain your specific development.

For every selected you make there will certainly be numerous picks you do not make, and this takes psychological strength. Check out more tips on how to sustain your peak level here.

The Wrap-up

Layer 1 – This is your general prep work phase. This stage is used to obtain you prepared for more certain training and also job.

Layer 2 – This is where you start to focus in on mentors, trainings and also education that has a changeover result as well as can be used directly to your preferred skill/role.

Layer 3 – This is laser focused training, this is where you come to be the professional … the most effective at what you do.

Layer 4 – This is where you make use of the power of the mind to regulate your ideas and emotions to achieve your desired goal.

There is one more point to be made regarding periodization … you NEED TO understand “that you are” and also what you want. A swimmer knows they’re a swimmer and also they remain focused on that duty. Again … this will certainly take mental toughness. Once you have figured out “that you are” and what you desire periodization will function to being out the peak performance in you.


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