Why Box Spring Beds Can Help Against Back Pain

Ouch! One wrong move after waking up and the back pain strikes again. Some people can hardly get out of bed in the morning because of their tense muscles.

But why is it that so many people can’t find relaxation in their sleep? And how can I adapt my bed optimally to my body in order to avoid such pain in the long term?

Lying correctly is not a matter of course

relaxed sleepA third of his life is spent lying down. But lying down correctly is extremely important for our backs.

The body uses this time to regenerate – the spine muscles are relieved and the intervertebral disc can relax. But for the body to relax optimally when lying down, certain conditions must be met.

If the relaxation phases are disturbed, regeneration remains incomplete and the intervertebral disc tissue is insufficiently supplied with nutrients.

Painful tensions and persistent back pain are often the result. If you want to prevent these complaints, you should treat yourself to a healthy sleeping pad. Box spring beds, for example, offer an extremely high and healthy sleeping comfort.

What is so special about a box spring bed?

Box spring beds in hotelsAlthough box spring beds have been around since the end of the 19th century and are very popular in America, they are still little known in Germany.

It is quite possible that you have already slept in a box spring bed on a cruise or in an exclusive hotel – because this type of bed is very popular in these areas.

But box spring beds can do more! Their extremely high sleeping comfort makes them an ideal choice for the bedroom at home.

the box spring boxThe special thing about a box spring bed is its construction. It consists of several components that can be individually adjusted to each other.

The basis of the bed is a spring box. It replaces the slatted frame of the conventional bed. The spring box contains a continuous, up to 20 cm high spring core, which is held by a stable wooden construction.

The box spring mattressThe actual mattress is located on this spring box. Of course, the design and degree of hardness of the mattress can be individually selected.

In the case of a barrel pocket spring core mattress, the number of springs is decisive. The more springs used for a mattress, the greater the point elasticity: the mattress yields exactly where a load is applied.

This allows it to adapt optimally to the lying body and ensures lasting, deep relaxation of the muscles. The box spring topper A normal bed would stop at this point, but the box spring bed has another layer to offer: the topper.

This additional mattress topper enhances the positive effect of the box spring construction. By choosing the right topper, the desired lying characteristics of a box spring bed can be modified according to personal preference.

The properties of the topper depend entirely on the material: There are point-elastic toppers or toppers with a very high surface elasticity. The breath ability and moisture transport of the mattress system can also be influenced by the right topper.

What are the advantages for my back?

On a box spring bed the spine and muscles find optimal relaxation through the interaction of spring box, mattress and topper. Because the system is selectively flexible, the spine automatically assumes a straight position when lying down.

Tensions and cramps cannot arise in the first place. Breathable materials and good moisture transport ensure an all-round healthy sleeping climate.

You will see: The proverbial “sleep as if on clouds” is not an empty phrase in a box spring bed. If you want to know what true sleeping comfort is, you should simply spend a rehearsal night in a box spring bed.

By the way, the box spring system offers even more advantages: Many people find the higher entry level very comfortable. Not only older people or people with limited mobility enjoy getting out of bed much more easily in the morning thanks to the comfortable bed height.

The comfortable height of the lying surface also makes getting in noticeably easier.

Box spring beds little variable?

Wherever it may come from: The rumor that the inflexible construction of a box spring bed is not individually adaptable is persistent.

However, the exact opposite is the case, especially with high-quality models: check my source there is hardly any other sleeping system that is as flexible, variable and individually adaptable as a box spring bed.


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